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Expanding upon the Rainbow Pride Flag

Let’s be honest. Can we really have too much pride? I’ve often bucked at the thought of changing the pride flag based on my “old” ideas of a need for historical preservation but the reality is that times are changing. People are changing. Attitudes are changing. As a result, we can celebrate history while at the same time evolving our world and our perspective to be more inclusive. 

These are 2 new pride flag ideas I’ve come across on the internet for how we could expand the current rainbow pride flag to be more inclusive of our entire community. 

I’ve seen previous versions of the rainbow pride flag such as the one that was designed and accepted by Philadelphia which included the brown and black stripes to represent people of color. While in the past, I bucked the idea with the notion that the rainbow colors did not represent race, rather they represented all people. I’ve evolved from this perspective as we try to be equitable and demonstrate love, acceptance, and inclusion for our transgender friends and friends of color.

The transgender community, as well as communities of color, have been not only at the forefront of the equality movement but also at the forefront of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. While I believe the original intent on the selection of the rainbow flag was meant to mean full inclusivity, why can’t we as an entire LGBTQ+ community change and adapt to actually demonstrate full inclusivity? I fully support the selection of a flag similar to one of the ones above to represent our community. We have to start by showing compassion and inclusivity in our own community first before we can expect others to extend us the same benefits.

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