Photography: My Portfolio

Photography is an art and my passion. Whenever I have a chance I like to get out and take photos because it allows me a freedom of creativity and to be present instead. Photography is exciting because it captures a moment in time that will never be viewed the same way again. 



Street & Urban Life

People & Portraits

Pets & Animals

Drone / High Altitude

*all photos in this portfolio remain the exclusive copyright of Rich Brown | All Rights Reserved | Reproduction prohibited without express written permission.

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I’m an admitted Nikon and Apple fanboy. My primary camera for shooting is a Nikon Z7ii mirrorless camera. My favorite lens is the 35mm prime for fast shooting and the Nikkor S24-200 for everyday shooting. I also use a DJI Mavic Pro Drone for Arial shots, as well as a GoPro and an iPhone. For post-processing and editing I use an Apple Macbook Pro with Apple Silicon and Adobe Lightroom. Hit me up with any questions.

Logical thinking. Critical decisions. DIFFERENT perspectiveS.

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I love to have an open discussion. Let's chat about how I can help you succeed or become a better leader. Want to discuss current events or just life in general, shoot me a note. Below are a few of the topics I prioritize:
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