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BLM & BIPOC Community Resources: Helpful Information​

I've been thinking of ways I can do more to help support the Black Lives Matter movement and the BIPOC community. I’ve compiled this small but growing list of resources in the event someone stumbles across my page looking for places where they can find additional information. I'm always open to new additions to this list. 

BLM & BIPOC Community Resources

Black Lives Matter Website

Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Color of Change

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coaching (DE&I)

Pam Benson Owens

Pam Benson Owens is the founder of Edge of Your Seat Consulting in Austin, Texas, and is an author, Community Leader, and DE&I coach.

Dr. Joel P. Martin

Dr. Joel P. Martin is the President of Triad West in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is an author, speaker, and DE&I coach.

Financial Resources for BIPOC

9 Steps to Stay Safe While Supporting BLM

How to Safely Support BLM Online

Financial Literacy in the Black Community

Provided by: Trevor Cardini | Annuity.org Outreach Specialist | [email protected]

Additional Educational Resources

Enough is Enough.
End Racism.
Be Anti-Racist.

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