Black Lives Matter: Why You Should Care

Systematic Racism is a serious issue in our country. Black people and people of color are marginalized, treated unfairly, unjustly targeted, incarcerated, and killed at alarming rates. We need to understand our role in perpetuating systematic racism and do the difficult work towards making a positive change for everyone.

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Pam Benson Owens / 
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Why Black Lives Matter is Important

Racism exists. If you don’t believe racism exists, you’re probably part of the problem. I know what racism looks like because I was raised in a middle-class white family many of whom were racists. I have so many stories from my upbringing that should have shaped me in a different way. I like to think that I’ve personally evolved to be a better person when it comes to topics like racism. Now I want to help where I can. It’s not going to be an easy journey for anyone, but it has to start somewhere and we all have to be part of the change. 

Systematic racism and unconscious bias are prevalent in our communities and they negatively impact black people and people of color.